J’s Lunch Counter – Ep. 49 – The Halloween Show

If it’s Halloween?it must be SAW!   Ep. 49 isn’t just spooky, it’s downright sick!  We go in depth on mine and your favorite scary movies of all time!!!!!! With the release of the latest installment of JIGSAW, I am joined by good friends and horror aficionados Coy and Laneisha Connor, for an epic 2-hour scary movie show!   Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Chucky, Hannibal Lecter, that one zombie guy that won’t die, Jeff Goldblum in The Fly, The Birds, all 8 Wrong Turn movies (can you believe there were 8 of those?!?) and EVERYTHING in between – we’re discussing on the show.  What makes a scary movie so scary?  Where did all classic movies go?  Are children really scary?   Which lines should never be crossed in horror movies?  We delve into the deepest darkest, most twisted depths of horror, fiction and real life, a serious discussion about the social cues of horror, the boundaries that much of Hollywood crossed a long time ago, when fictional horror intersects with real life terror, and how we as viewers consume scary movies and whether or not we take that danger as serious as we should.   Plus, hear our favorite scary movies of all time, the movies we can’t bear to watch again, the films we can’t get enough of, and of course, the SCARIEST FILM OF ALL TIME!   All that and much more on Episode 49!    Turn the lights off, grab your popcorn, listen, and ENJOY!

Check out this episode of J’s Lunch Counter!

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