J’s Lunch Counter – Episode 51

Today, I am joined by Michael Oghia, an Independent Consultant who focuses on internet governance, and together we are discussing the controversial subject of net neutrality.   Net neutrality deals with our current access to the internet in many forms, and how that access could be threatened if the FCC rolls back existing Open Internet regulations, which would allow Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) like phone and cable companies like Time Warner or ATT, to control and limit access to certain websites, software, apps, and content, while charging for access to preferred content and software.   This can have a tremendous impact on how we access the internet, exchange information, consume media, and communicate across the world.

If you haven’t been paying attention, it’s time to take notice.  Elections have consequences, and this is certainly one of the serious consequences of this current administration – one that we have overlooked but will affect all of us.

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